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Male Breast Reduction in Delhi

Saggy breasts? Insecure to wear tight t-shirts? Is it affecting body confidence? Do not let such Issues prevail and root in your mind. These may be a common issue faced by the women, but let us tell you that the particular issue has become quite frequent among the masculine class too. There is a considerable percentage of men who experience extra fats in their breast area and want a solution to get off it.

What is gynecomastia?

Most men go through the condition when there is a gradual increase in the breast gland tissue of men and results in the enlargement of the men’s breasts. In such a situation, gynecomastia comes to the rescue. It is a type of surgery, which helps to reduce the breast size of men, flattens them, and enhances the contours of the chest, imparting a handsome look. Generally, such a condition takes place due to the excess weight on the breasts and sags them downside. It also creates a stretch in the areola and leads to its de-shaping. But, this particular surgery can work wonders by cutting off the extra fats, and bring it back in shape.

Know about the gynecomastia surgery:

There are specific steps that are involved in gynecomastia surgery. They are:

  • Anesthesia

Anesthesia is a significant step that is involved in every type of surgery. However, it depends on your condition of health, whether you will be done full anesthesia or complete sedation.

  • Liposuction Technique

If your condition is solely the result of the fatty tissues, then the liposuction technique must be introduced. Such a method involves the insertion of a cannula, which is a thin, hollow tube inserted through several small incisions. It is then moved to and fro to move the excess fat and remove it by vacuum suction.

  • Excision Technique

Excisions are generally used in the case of a reduction of the areola or repositioning of the nipple, or give it a more natural color. It is executed to remove the excess skin from the breast area. However, the incision patterns must be different from one person to the other, and very differently.

Why has a male breast reduction?

Most men have the notion that losing bodyweight helps to lose breast fat too. But the results may not be so in the case of in case of every one. Sometimes, it also happens due to the presence of excess epithelial tissues, which might even make lean patients gain breast fats. However, a breast reduction among males might help to lose certain fats in the breast area and gives a prolonged effect. Keeping the physical complications aside, having a breast reduction surgery can help you to flaunt your chest and takes away the complexity of being shirtless.

How to choose your surgeon for cosmetic surgery?

The major part of how your breasts are going to look and feel after surgery depends on the cosmetic surgeon you are choosing. You cannot select any surgeon out there and hand them over the responsibility. To gain excellent results, it is essential to choose the right cosmetic surgeon who can help you achieve it. There are certain factors, which will help you choose the best gynecomastia surgeon in Delhi and other city of India. They are:

  • Experience of the surgeon

The cosmetic surgeon you are going to choose for your gynecomastia surgery must have some rich experience. Without having much experience or much practice, your surgeon can’t give you the best results. So, make sure you investigate whether your surgeon has experience or not.

  • Previous case records

It is always your responsibility to check whether your doctor has some previous case records. If he/she has performed it, you need to check the ratio of successful surgeries and not successful ones. Considering it will help you to maintain safety during operation.

  • Authenticity of certification

It is very important to know whether your doctor possesses an authentic certificate to perform cosmetic surgery.

Maintain these steps after surgery:

Only attempting the gynecomastia surgery is not enough but taking certain measures to maintain the achieved confidence, is also important. So, try to maintain some of these steps after you have completed your surgery. They are:

  1. Workout every day to avoid weight gain
  2. Maintain a healthy diet plan
  3. Avoid steroid usage
  4. Do not consume anything that increases the testosterone level of the body.

However, the type of steps to be taken after surgery may vary from one person to the other. But, it is your cosmetic surgeon who can guide you with the ideal step to consider after the surgery.

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